Orthodontic Treatments - Invisalign

Orthodontic Treatments / Invisalign

Are your teeth crooked, twisted or overlapping? Do you have gaps between them? Do your teeth not meet properly when you close your jaw? These are all very common dental problems that can be resolved using orthodontic treatment.

Many people think that orthodontic treatment is carried out primarily for cosmetic reasons, but this isn’t the case. Orthodontic problems relating to the alignment and positioning of teeth and the jaw can lead to a range of oral health issues including increased risk of cavities and periodontal disease, uneven wear and temporomandibular joint disorder. Fortunately, orthodontic treatment is widely accessible.

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Braces: the conventional orthodontic treatment

Braces have long been the go-to solution for correcting orthodontic issues. Fortunately, their design has evolved, and modern braces are much more discreet than earlier styles. They comprise of a series of brackets that are placed onto the teeth, through which wires are placed. These wires are then adjusted fairly regularly, sometimes using elastic bands, in order to place the necessary persistent force onto the teeth and jaw in order to get them to move. You can expect to attend appointments every 8-10 weeks for adjustments to be made.

As you might expect, it can be quite tricky to care for braces. You will be advised that there are certain foods that you can’t eat, including those items which are chewy, sticky or likely to damage your brace in some way. You will also need to make an even bigger commitment to brushing and flossing your teeth – something which will take additional time so that you can effectively negotiate the brackets and wires.

Invisalign: an innovative approach to orthodontics

Invisalign represents an innovative new orthodontic treatment that enables patients to experience all of the same corrections that can be made using conventional treatments, but with none of the compromises associated with them.

The Invisalign treatment program uses a sequence of clear, plastic aligners that are worn over the top of the teeth, instead of the brackets, wires, and elastics. These aligners are custom-designed specifically for each patient using cutting-edge mapping technology. This technology takes images of the teeth at the start of the treatment and determines the way in which they will need to move in order to bring them into better alignment. Each phase of the movement is translated into a stage of treatment, with one aligner being created per stage. They place gentle, consistent force onto the teeth to move them. When it is time for the next stage in the treatment, the patient simply moves on to the next aligner in the sequence. Each aligner, which is comfortable and, thanks to its transparent material, discreet, must be worn for at least 22 hours per day. It must only be removed for eating and cleaning the aligner and your teeth.

Why choose Invisalign over traditional braces?

There are a variety of reasons why many people prefer Invisalign. By far the largest is because it is more discreet than braces. The aligners are made from a transparent plastic which is virtually undetectable when in place over your teeth. Other benefits include:

  • No need to avoid certain foods since your aligners can be removed for eating

  • Greater comfort as there are no brackets and sharp wires to worry about

  • It is easier to clean your teeth properly, and you don’t have to worry about negotiating brackets and wires

  • Better oral health thanks to the ease with which you can clean your teeth

  • Fewer dental appointments since you can move onto the next stage of treatment yourself without needing adjustments

  • Greater confidence in your smile during your treatment plan

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