Why Choose Invisible Braces?

Understanding ClearCorrect

Many of us can identify some of the imperfections with our smile. Gaps, misalignments, and crooked teeth can all work to keep us from smiling and making that solid first impression. Unfortunately, the fix for this was usually braces, which only brought more attention to your teeth. However, the dental industry has greatly improved, and patients now have greater options to correct their smile without braces.

ClearCorrect offers clear aligners to gradually help to move and shape your smile while disguising the fact that you have dental work in place throughout the day.

How it Works

Once your dentist has established the need for teeth straightening, they can get accurate measurements of your teeth. This can be completed by creating an impression, or a digital scan of your teeth and mouth. Your dentist can then map out a treatment plan that will put your teeth in their proper location. After the treatment plan has been created, your aligners can be created.

You will wear a series of alignment trays that gradually bring your teeth to the proper orientation. You will visit with your dentist on a regular schedule to identify when it is time to receive your next aligner. After each set, you should notice a significant difference in how your teeth look and even feel in your mouth.

The aligners are worn throughout the day and night, removing them only to eat, drink, brush and floss. Wearing them for as much time as possible can help reduce the overall treatment time required to achieve your final smile. Treatment times can vary but are typically between one and two years.

Treatment Options

ClearCorrect offers three different options for correcting your smile. There is Limited 6, Limited 12, and Unlimited options. The Limited 6 plan utilizes six different sets of aligners. This plan is well-suited for patients who have minor changes to be made to achieve their final smile. The Limited 12 offers twelve different sets of aligners and can help to correct more severe dental issues.

Finally, the Unlimited plan will create as many sets of aligners as it takes to achieve your perfect smile. It is helpful to understand the different options, but ultimately, you should make this decision with your dentist to identify the best approach for your teeth.

Patient Candidates

ClearCorrect is typically used on teens who have all of their adult molars and adults. However, some children without all of their permanent molars and seniors may also be able to benefit from ClearCorrect. If you think that you might be a candidate, you should talk to your dentist and look at all of your options.

ClearCorrect can help with many dental issues, but patients who have certain dental conditions may be better suited for this therapy option.

ClearCorrect is specifically designed to help correct these issues:

  • Crooked teeth

  • Rotated teeth

  • Underbites

  • Overbites

  • Gaps between teeth

  • Crowding of teeth

  • Overlapped teeth

Benefits of ClearCorrect

While ClearCorrect can be beneficial for many dental issues, there may be some cases that your dentist will still recommend using traditional orthodontics. However, if you are unsure of which option might be best for you, there are a few things that you should consider.

  • Braces are installed until completion. This means that braces can get in the way of your ability to eat certain foods, and properly clean your teeth. Braces require specialized dental equipment in order to properly keep the teeth and mouth clean. In some teens or patients who have had issues with maintaining their dental health, this can add another layer of problems.

  • Routine Maintenance is required for braces. Braces need to be adjusted regularly by a dentist. This means that you’ll have more appointments to maintain, and more time in the dentist’s chair rather than being out enjoying your life. If you could simply check in with your dentist and then receive your next set of aligners, you could get hours back to do what you love.

  • ClearCorrect aligners are almost invisible. While braces require bulky hardware to be installed on the surface of your teeth, ClearCorrect aligners are virtually invisible and are comfortable to wear. This means that people may not even know that you are wearing your aligners while you are talking to them. The same cannot be said of braces.


If you think that you could benefit from ClearCorrect, call our offices today to schedule an appointment and evaluation. Our trained staff can help guide you through the process to decide if that’s the best choice for your needs. Call today to get the smile you’ve always wanted! Gentle Dental Spa in Corpus Christi, TX is a premier provider of Clear Correct Solutions.

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